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Casio ClassPad 330 Graphic Calculator

  Available RAM/Flash ROM   500KB/5.4MB
  Number and Constant Memory   Yes
  Electronic upgradeability   Yes
  Prior Entry Recall   Not Available
  Interface   Icon Menu
  Lines x characters   Proportional
  Screen Size (Pixels)   160 x 240
  Color Display   Not Available
  Natural Display Input   Yes
  Capture, Clip & Paste Capability   Yes
  Language Options Available   Yes
  Function (Y= Equations to Graph)   20 x 5 set
  Parametric   Yes
  Polar   Yes
  Sequence   Yes
  Constant (X=)   Yes
  Inequality (auto shading)   Yes
  Zoom, Trace   Yes
  Dynamic/Transformation   Yes
  Conics   Yes
  3D with Parametric Graphing   Yes
  Differential Equations/Slope Fields   Yes
  Table of Function Values   Yes
  Fixed Decimal Options   Yes
  Scientific Notation   10 + 3
  Fraction Operations   Yes
  Interactive Equation Solver   Yes
  Simultaneous Equation Solver   Function
  Polynomial Root Finder   Function
  Complex Numbers   Yes
  Matrices   Up to Memory
  Vectors   Up to Memory
  Computer Algebra System/Symbolic Manipulation   Yes
  Recall and Edit Last Entry   Not Available
  Spreadsheet Capabilities   Yes
    Computer Math    
  Calculates in Dec, Hex, Oct, Binary   Yes
  Logic Operations   Yes
    Discrete Math    
  Recursive Sequences   Yes
  Geometric Constructions and Transformations   Yes
  Sin, Cos, Tan, and Inverses   Yes
  Hyperbolic Functions   Yes
  Degrees-Radians-Grads Conversions   Yes
    Stats & Data Analysis    
  One and Two-Variable Statistics   Yes
  Median, Quartiles   Yes
  Intermediate Statistics   Yes
  Combinations, Permutations & Random Numbers   Yes
  Regression Models   11 (includes Polynomial Regression)
  Estimated Values for Regression Graph   Not Available
  Degrees of Polynomial Regressions   1,2,3,4
  Histograms, Scatter Plots   Yes
  Box & Whisker Plots   Yes
  Pie Chart, Bar Graph, Stacked Bar   Yes
  Number of Lists   Up to Memory
  List Length   Up to 9999
  Inferential Statistics & Probability Distributions   Yes
  One and Two Sample Z and T tests   Yes
  Chi-Squared, Anova, F Tests   Yes
  Z and T Interval Tests   Yes
  Distributions (p.d. and c.d.)   21
  Numeric Differentiation / Integration   Yes
  Symbolic Differentiation / Integration   Yes
  Maximum, Minimum   Yes
  Inflection Points   Yes
   Useful Education Features    
  Interactive Equation Solver   Yes
  User Defined Functions   Yes
  eActivities   Yes
  Degree-Minute-Second<>Decimal Degree   Yes
  Polar<>Rectagular   Yes
  Metric Conversions   Not Available
  Periodic Table   Not Available
  Programs Available for EA-200 Data Analyzer   Yes
  N, %, I, PMT, PV, FV, Amortization   Yes
  Amortization Schedule   Yes
  Interactive TVM Solver   Yes
  Interest Conversion   Yes
  Annuity Due & Begin Setting   Yes
  Day/Date Calculation   Yes
  Recall of Financial Values   Not Available
  Cost/Sell/Margin   Yes
  IRR, NPV, PBP, NFV, Cash Flow   Yes
  USB Port   Yes
  Unit to Unit cable included/USB cable for connecting with PC included   Yes
  Batteries - included   4 AAA No back-up battery needed
  Automatic Power Off   Yes
  Connects to EA-200/EA-100   only EA-200
  Technical Specifications are Subject to Change without notice from time to time as per Casio policy.