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 Casio Digital Dictionary

  100 Works Of World Literature (EW-B2000C)
Viewing and transferring images from/into the memory card.
Transfer the text file in dictionary through memory card or USB Port from PC. After loading the text in dictionary
  through TextLoader software (installed in Pc). We can check the meaning as well as pronunciation of the desires
  words. Desired word can be saved in Vocabulary list.
  Tafcot Design For Greater Durability
Reduces impacts caused by dropping,
for worry-free commuting to work or
TAFCOT stands for Totally Advanced Force Control Technology .
Verified in Casio trials where 6 sides
  of the product (closed) were
  subjected to free-fall testing onto the
  floor (P tiles on a concrete base) from
  a height of 75 cm.
Verified in Casio trails where a force
  of 294N (30 kgf) was applied to an
  ares 15 mm in diameter (1.7 cm2) on
  the closed product placed on a desk.
Verified in Casio trials where a
  closed product inside a bag was
  subjected to 3 cycles of vibration at
  a constant 2G acceleration in the X,
  Y and Z direction from 10 to 55 Hz
  (5 minutes) and 55 to 10 Hz (5
  minutes) using a vibration testing
Body-reinforcing side beams and aluminium alloy panels
High-strenth side beams and super-rigid aluminium alloy panels are built into the body to boost its rigidity and protect the LCD and electronic components from the external pressure caused by bending and crushing.
  Other Functions
History to store the past searches
Automatic switch on/off when you open/close the device
A Resume feature automatically saves screen information and data whenever power is turned off.