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 Casio Graphic Calculator  - CG20

Comparison Chart Color
Graphing Calculator
Graphing Calculator
Product fx-CG10*1/fx-CG20 fx-9860GII/
fx-9860GII SD
   [ Specifications ]
Power supply AAA /
Ni-MH(recommended type only)
Approximate battery life (hours) 140 / 85 *2 200 *3 230 *3
Natural Display (Input)
Natural Display (Output)
Screen Size (pixels) 216x384 64x128 64x128
Color Display
(More than 65,000 colors)
Memory (bytes) 61,000 62,000 62,000
Flash Memory 16MB 1.5MB
Variable Memory 28 28 28
SD Card Slot
(fx-9860GII SD)
USB Port
I/O Port (3pin)
   [ Special Features ]
eActivity Application
Picture Plot ●(Pre-loaded)
Geometry ●(Pre-loaded) ●(Pre-loaded)
Conversion ●(Pre-loaded)
Periodic Table (PHYSIUM) ●(Add-in)
Direct connect to Projector
USB mass storage
   [ Graphing ]
Polar coordinate graphing
Integration graph
Conic section graph 21 21 21
   [ Functions ]
Basic Functions & Utilities Exponential, Logarithm, Fraction, Combination, Permutation, Rounding, Square & Square Root, Cubic & Cubic Root, Power & Radical Root
Trigonometry Functions Sin, Cos, Tan, and Inverses, Hyperbolic Functions
Higher degree of polynomial equation ● (4-6 degree) ● (4-6 degree) ● (4-6 degree)
Integer Division
Advanced Statistics
Pie Chart / Bar Graph
Conditional format
Numeric Differentiation
Numeric Integration
Financial Function
Others Display Format (FIX,SCI)
Angle Unit (Deg, Rad, Grad), Angle Unit Conversion (Deg, Rad, Grad)
   [ Peripherals (Options) ]
Manager Software ●*4
Connection with PC Mass storage Program-Link