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  Enhanced color reproduction for higher-impact presentations  
The dramatically enhanced color purity achieved by our Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source technology results in superior color reproducibility and brighter, more beautiful coloration. High-purity color visual effects also generate brighter images, enabling you to present clear, powerful visuals that conventional projectors can't match.
  Commitment to usability  
  Wide-angle 2X zoom capability  
  The wide-angle 2X zoom lens boosts magnification to the highest level among data projectors.* This zoom capability enables the projector to project optimally sized images from close to the screen or farther away as well as to correct screen distortions resulting from the projector's positioning automatically.  
  * Source: February 2010 CASIO investigation  
  WXGA Real & XGA Real projection  
  The product lineup includes both 1,280 × 800 dot (16:10) WXGA Real and 1,024 × 768 dot (4:3) XGA Real models that realize high-density images benefiting fully from high resolution. They also support 1,600 × 1,200 dot UXGA compressed presentation.  
  Four color modes  
  The projectors are equipped with four color modes you can select from depending on the venue and content of your presentation. A full range of contents, from text and graphs to moving and still images can be projected with optimal effect.  
  Suitable for general presentations emphasizing color expression  
  Suitable for natural-looking presentation of photos, etc.  
  Suitable for showing dark or shaded areas in movies clearly  
  Suitable for high-visibility projection of images on a blackboard