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  Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source supporting high-brightness projection without mercury  
CASIO has applied its unique new Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source to achieve breakthrough development of a mercury-free high-brightness projector. Adopting a new semiconductor-based light source system combining a blue laser, phosphor and a red LED, we have achieved both high-brightness performance enabling projection in well-lit rooms and environmental friendliness with mercury eliminated from the light source.
Revolutionary new light source technology
CASIO developed a new semiconductor light source technology combining a red LED, phosphor and a blue laser. This source achieves high luminance safely by employing a phosphor device to modify the wavelengths
and phases of blue laser light.
  Long-life light source with reduced brightness degradation  
Adopting a new semiconductor-based system has enabled CASIO to realize a long light source life of approximately 20,000 hours. Compared with conventional high-brightness projectors employing mercury lamps, this cuts the cost as well as the time and effort involved in exchanging lamps dramatically, while at the same time maintaining clear, high-quality images over an extended period by reducing the tendency toward degradation of the brightness.
  Quick startup/shutdown for presentation ease  
  The projector reaches its maximum brightness as quickly as 8 seconds after it's turned on, significantly shortening the time before you start your presentation. Since it doesn't need time to cool down afterwards, either, you can conduct your presentations cleanly and efficiently, from setting up to packing up.  
  Slim Design  
  CASIO's innovative mobile styling has resulted in an A4-size projector that measures just 43 mm in thickness and 2.3 kg in weight. It slips neatly into a slim briefcase and travels with you easily to presentations outside your office.  
  * All prices are indicative and subject to change without notice.